Capacity: 1-2 persons
Size: ca. 18 m²

The noon Tower – 2nd floor
View to the tower

It is the tallest building in the city 46 meters high and was built over the city gate. Why “Tower of the Twelve”? Its name probably comes from the fact that its bell calls citizens to break lunch.
Nowaday, every day at 5.00 pm the bell tower of the “Torre delle Dodici” in Vipiteno rings. The melody remember the famous “yodler” sound. Vipiteno is pervaded by the sound of many kinds of bells all year round – from the dull and sweet sound of the Church tower-bell to the bright and excited sound of the bells of cows in the countryside or children playing all around.

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Children 2-12 years old
Infant's 0-2 years old